Wednesday, February 28, 2007

1-4 inches... my ass!

So the meteorologists predicted 1-4 inches for today. It looks like they underestimated the storm just slightly. There are already 5" outside & they have plowed our parking lot once already. And it's not supposed to stop until after 8 pm. Grrr! This of course means that it will take me at least 2 hours to get home tonight. The only bright side is the flakes are the big fluffy ones that will be so much easier to shovel late tonight when I get home.

I am so tired of snow. I know that I should love it since I work for a skiwear company. More snow means more business which means better money for me. But I am tired of the idiots on the road who still have not figured out how to drive in the snow yet this winter. (It only snows every week.) And I am tired of having to shovel & the dirty, nasty snow. Only 2 more months of snow...

(View of the oh so lovely 1-4" of snow outside my office.)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chasing Fireflies

Here's a website for really cute little girl clothes:

It was started by my old boss from Nordstrom. There are some fun, funky clothes. You should check it out!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Susu designs

So Ellen wanted me to post some pictures of things I have designed. I ran across these pictures of Hannah & thought that they would be the perfect 1st ones to share. I designed & made this dress for Hannah almost 4 years ago. Hannah asked me to design her a dress. I had done a couple for her when she was a baby & they were in her closet but she wanted one that would fit her. I came up with 6 different designs & let her pick the one she liked the best. She liked the circles on this one which was why she chose it.

Hannah was the one who came up with my company name, Susu. When she was learning how to talk, she could not say Susan; it came out Susu instead. And the nickname stuck. Even now that she is 8, she still calls me Susu sometimes. And when Auntie Susu comes out of her mouth, I know she wants something from me :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Crossing

I have been reading about The Crossing. It was the worst car accident in Colorado history. The Rocky Mountain News is doing a month long story about it & the survivors. It is actually pretty interesting.

Monday, February 19, 2007

New Additions

We like to go to the Dumb Friends League every so often & look at the animals they have. Most of the time we do so with no intention of taking anyhing home. Well, a few weeks ago we went & decided to get a kitten. The Dumb Friends League does a really cool thing, if you adopt a kitten, you get a cat over 6 months old for free. So we walked away with 2 cats.

Bailey is the little black one. She is 3 months old. Shelby is the black & white one. She is just over a year old. Luckily Bailey & Shelby took right to each other. This is one of my favorites, Shelby actually had her back paws wrapped around Bailey.

And for good measure, here is a recent picture of Lily. She is now full grown but will probably always look like a puppy since she is smaller than a pure lab.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I get to design!!!

I FINALLY get to design here at Spyder! It's only 1 sweater, but it's at least a start. And I may get to do a couple more sweaters depending on if the design director likes the ones I've started.

My 1st post

So I first planned on starting this when I was planning the wedding so everyone could see how crazy anal I was & laugh. But I always put it off until later. Then the plan was after the wedding since I would have SO MUCH free time then. Again I prcrastinated.

Today I just decided to stop procrastinating for once & start. So here is the start of my blog & my very 1st post. Happy Friday!