Wednesday, February 28, 2007

1-4 inches... my ass!

So the meteorologists predicted 1-4 inches for today. It looks like they underestimated the storm just slightly. There are already 5" outside & they have plowed our parking lot once already. And it's not supposed to stop until after 8 pm. Grrr! This of course means that it will take me at least 2 hours to get home tonight. The only bright side is the flakes are the big fluffy ones that will be so much easier to shovel late tonight when I get home.

I am so tired of snow. I know that I should love it since I work for a skiwear company. More snow means more business which means better money for me. But I am tired of the idiots on the road who still have not figured out how to drive in the snow yet this winter. (It only snows every week.) And I am tired of having to shovel & the dirty, nasty snow. Only 2 more months of snow...

(View of the oh so lovely 1-4" of snow outside my office.)


margaret said...

hate to say it but it is barrly March so there is still 2 months of this left to go as for the cute kids clothes I would love them even more if I had a special little girl to buy them for hint hint wink wink nudge nudge love you

ellen said...

Oh, no! More snow! That sucks! Maybe spring will come early and this is the last snow storm of the season?