Thursday, October 18, 2007

New shoes

So I have a slight problem. I either have flip flops & sandals or boots to wear. I only have 1 pair of plain old shoes to wear. Which sucks right now because it is too cold for flip flops but not every day is boot weather.

So I went out last night to find a pair of shoes to add to my collection that will work during the fall transition time. And I found the most comfy new pair. Normally when I buy shoes, I end up with a blister or 10 on my feet by the end of the day. But not with these shoes. Not a single place being rubbed wrong or a single sore spot. I love them!!! And want them in every color! I totally recommend them.

(if you click on the picture above, it should be linked to more info about the shoes.)


Shawna said...

I have 3 pairs of these shoes and I LOVE them! They have mesh ones that are great for the summer :).

Coni Nelson said...

Very cute!! I want some!! I work on my feet at the hospital all night and usually end up with really sore feet.

Thanks for sharing!!