Thursday, December 6, 2007

I love iTunes

I absolutely love iTunes. I love that I can listen to the music of other people I work with. I just clicked on a new person's music that I had not explored yet. And ran across a band I have not listened to in almost 10 years now.

It's a band I was introduced to in college by my roommate Natalie. The band was SonVolt. We went to their concerts together every time SonVolt was in town. I remembered the words to both songs I listened to so far. It brought back some very good memories & times I have not thought about in a very, very long time.

I love that with a click of the mouse, it was all there for me. Gotta love technology sometimes.

Oh, and Beth, when you read this, does it freak you out that it's been almost 10 years??? EEK! It did me when I was proofing this...

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beth said...

OH MY GOD TEN YEARS! CHOKE CHOKE! kill me now! And can I just say, I'm still a Son Volt fan? Wilco was in town for voodoo fest, and I guess he said that he's up for an Uncle Tupelo (Wilco+son volt=uncle tupelo) reunion!! I about screamed and jumped up and down like a little girl.
Music you need to check out:
Cary Ann Hearst
I cannot take the CD out of my car. :)