Wednesday, January 23, 2008

1st property

So we bought our first investment property last week. I say "we" because I find myself
being more involved in than originally planned. The plan is to rent it out.

It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo that is near where the University of Colorado hospital & Children's hospital moved to. The interior is absolutely disgusting. The walls were stitcky. The carpet was black with filth. And it smelled so bad that you could only be inside for a little while before feeling nauseaous.

Here are some of the before pictures. The work will be completed next week and I'll post after pictures then.

This is the bathroom, and yes, it was seriously that filthy. Not sure what the contractors are using but it will sparkle when all is said & done.

This is the living room. The carpet was originally light gray. Could you imagine walking on this???

Another angle of the living room. Notice how filthy the vent is too.

The kitchen.

After we moved the refridgerator. Gross. Makes me want to clean behind mine!

And here was the stove. Would you ever cook on this?!?


beth said...

Oh Susan, I would welcome you to new orleans, where Chris and I have been looking for new apartments to rent and finding ourselves more and more horrified by what people think qualifies as "rentable." :)
Also, this post made me think of our fridge. I can't move our refrigerator, due to the shelves my landlord built that block it in, but I'm pretty certain I'd throw up if I could. *shiver*

ellen said...

Eew. I know what would make it better. A can of gasoline and a lighter. EEEWWWW!!!! How can people live like that. Was it a Meth house?

I am sure I'll be amazed at the after photos. Good luck on your first investment property.

Coni Nelson said...

Wow, uh.... go Susan. I don't appreciate you making those comments on the cleanliness of it - it looks like my house... not clean and well - I think the stove and refrigerator are stuck to the floor.