Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Women of Mt Rushmore

On the radio this morning they asked an interesting question, if you were to replace the 4 men of Mt Rushmore with 4 women, who would those women be? It came from a poll on this website.

My first thought was how many people could come up with 4 women? Could you? On my drive to work, I thought about who I would pick. I came up with Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B Anthony, and Sojourner Truth. Who would you pick?

I honestly had a hard time coming up with many women. My list totaled probably 8 or 9. Not because there aren't great amazing women to choose from, just that I had a hard time remembering them. I could come up with a bunch of men pretty easily, but women were harder. I did not learn about as many women as I did men during school. In college, I did, since I went to a women's college, but for the other 12 years of my education I did not. You really only focused on women during women's history month. So the names were harder for me to remember.

At lunch, I looked at the poll to see who the winners were. And I read an interesting comment on it that really struck me because I had not even thought of it like this:
"It’s a presidential memorial, so it would take a minimum of 32 years to make four women eligible, some of whom would now scarcely be grown-ups. And as of the moment, we don’t even seem to be getting started." - Judith Martin

Based on that, how is it after 219 years there is not one single woman that we could put up there?

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