Monday, June 25, 2007

What to do on vacation?

So Friday was my last day at Spyder. I worked like crazy, didn't take lunch & got almost everything I planned on done. There wasn't much said about me leaving on Friday. My big boss even left without saying goodbye. A few of us did go out for drinks after work, which was fun & relaxed me a little bit. But it wasn't until today that I was really excited about my new job & stopped being quite so stressed.

Saturday night Cade got here. Here's a picture of him on Sunday morning:

Yes, he has a mohawk. AND, the it is red, like red red, not hair red. We were both a little shocked by it. He really loves it & doesn't seem to mind people looking at him. And since he is a really shy kid, that's a good thing.

So the question everyone has been asking me is: what are you going to do on vacation? I've been asked if I am going to just relax or maybe do a little sewing. I, of course, have a laundry list of things I would like to do in the next 9 days (besides get my house clean & spend time with Cade & Ben):

  1. rip out the carpet in front part of our house
  2. paint both bedrooms at the condo (and possibly the whole thing, we haven't decided)
  3. organize my laundry room
  4. organize my garage
  5. go to Social Security & get my name changed
  6. get a new driver's liscence with my new name
  7. finish a baby quilt
  8. weed my rose garden
  9. organize my closet
  10. get Quickbooks set up for Ben's real estate

So far, it has started out great. After we dropped Cade off at day camp, Ben came home & worked while I began on the carpet. The carpet was brand new when we moved in a year ago & I have already cleaned it 2 separate times. The old owners had a "sick" cat that had peed in the house, and since the carpet padding was not replaced, the anilmals could smell the urine & would sometimes pee. I have cleaned the carpet 2 separate times to no avail, so since I had the time off, it was the 1st priority on the list.

Here's a couple of pictures before:

Here is the hallway after it was all finished. We found a bunch of nails hammered in one area. We think they were trying to prevent the floor from squeaking. (didn't work, it still sqeaks!) We are debating whether to remove them & fill the holes now or wait until we refinish the floors & fix the holes then .

And here is the dining room partially done. We had to stop because the sun was setting & it was too hot to work in the there. (Our houses faces west, so it was broiling!) Only dissapointing thing we found was some residue by the kitchen door. It looks like something was glued to the floor, like a rug. (Guess I now need to add to my list to remove glue from floor.)

Tomorrow we plan on tackling the living room & finishing the dining room. And by we, I mean, mostly me because Ben has a doctor's appointment tomorrow & has to do a bunch of real estate stuff. But he will help after that is done. So tomorrow there should be pictures of my clean, lovely hardwood floors.


beth said...

Oh, I love that you haven't officially changed your name yet, because neither have I! Is there a statute of limitations on how long it's free to do, I wonder? I hope the hell not. It's my goal to get it done by August-ish...we'll see...heehee.
Sounds like you are accomplishing many great things both in work-life and home-life! Go You! :)

ellen said...

I like the hardwood floors! It's so much easier than carpet.

Do try to enjoy yourself while on vacation.

Susan said...

I am enjoying myself; I finally have time to do the projects I want rather the scrambling to get the house clean & laundry done so I can work insane amounts :)

ellen said...

Simon likes Cade's Mohawk!