Friday, June 1, 2007

Suspicious Guy

So Wednesday night we had a guy come to our door after 8pm trying to sell us a security system. Ben of course said no & came back to watch TV. Lily was at the front window barking & would not stop and it was her "something is not right" bark.

So I went to look and the guy was aimlessly walking around the street. It had been at least 10 minutes since he finished talking to Ben. He then watched as a neighbor 2 doors down left & only then walked up to the door. At that point, we were really suspicious of him. So Ben called the police while I went to talk to the guy. (The thought was that I am the less threating of the 2 of us so it made sense for me to be the one to approach him.)

The guy refused to give me his full name, phone number, business card, or even a brochure for the product he was pushing. All he kept saying to me was Firstline works with GE & I have heard of GE hadn't I? When he realized I wasn't going to just believe him, he decided to walk away.

Ben had been watching the whole thing & decided to follow him to see if he continued to up to other houses. Until he noticed Ben was there, he did not go up to a single house. (I know this may seem like a little much but I have never been weirded out by some one more.)

About 1/2 hour later or so, Lily is once more at the front window barking. I look out the window & he is back standing in the street looking at our neighbor's houses, one who has a HUGE flat panel TV that can be seen from the street & another who is moving. So we called the police once more as he started walking again. They did stop him, but we don't know what came of it.

Since most of our immediate neighbors were not home, I wrote a quick letter telling them out the suspicious guy. And I am happy that I did because I took it to one house where the owner let him inside & the guy commented on his extensive video collection & wanted to meet their dog because he noticed the food dish. And that really just sounds more like someone who is scoping out a robbery.

Turns out there were several guys for the same company. All tall, white, brown haired nondescript guys canvassing our neighborhood. And several other people were suspicious enough to call the police. We got an email from the neighborhood association alerting us today to the same situation because he harassed an elderly person; even the mailman said something to the association.

At first I was worried that we may have overreacted but after finding out that others were as suspicious & concerned as we were, I feel better about it. Yes, I may have been a little nosy but I would rather be that then not doing anything & find out later that a house was robbed or someone was hurt because I didn't do anything.


ellen said...

That is very creepy! I am glad you didn't dismiss him either.

Coni Nelson said...

Never dismiss your gut feeling. It is what Oprah calls the "AH HA" moment..... and sometimes you are too late, this moment comes when something not right but not wrong enough to sound the alarms!

Consider yourself a hero.... you saved your neighbors bigscreen and maybe someones life.