Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Flips

I know you are all shocked (all 2 of you that read this), two new posts in two days. I really am trying to get back into the swing of it.

We have 2 flip projects going on right now. One is a "quick" four week project one in the same neighborhood as our last one. All it needs is paint & updating in the kitchen & bathrooms & some minor repairs.

The other one is our BIG project. Right before we found it, Ben commented that he would like to work on a Victorian home. And that he would like to try a project that needs some light structural work. Well, the next week, he found this smoking deal on a Victorian house that had a badly placed staircase. Perfect!

Here are pictures of what the house looked like before we bought it. Warning, some of the pictures might turn your stomach. We bought it from the "we buy ugly houses" people. So they got the lovely job of cleaning all the crap out. We are in the process of completely gutting. We took it all the way down to the studs & are making it clean & beautiful again.

This is the living room

This is the dining room with the badly placed staircase so room is essentially not usable (even when clean)

Obviously, the kitchen. Yum, Spam!

And the stomach turning bedroom. Don't you just want to snuggle down on that bed for a nice long nap?


tiddleywink said...

Oh. My. GAWD. (I still think my house is a mess, though.)

Susan said...

Gross, huh? Wait until you see the pictures of what it looked like after it was cleaned out....

your house may be messy, but there is no way that it is filthy like this place was.

beth said...

How does a house get that way? Ick. Those pictures make me itchy. *shiver*
I can't wait until I see the "after" pictures!