Wednesday, October 15, 2008


In exactly 10 days we are supposed to go to a Halloween party... but I do not have a costume to wear. And I can't for the life of me come up with anything. Zip, zilch, nada in the idea area.

The theme of the party is heroes & villains. Ben, of course, will be wearing his costume from last year. I know you are shocked. Even his Halloween costume is Broncos....

But my costume doesn't really fit the theme. I don't know how well it will fit & well, it is kind of generic...

I have been trying for weeks to come up with an idea. Any idea. We even went to the costume store last weekend to get some ideas. And still, I left with nothing. Sure there were super hero costumes for girls like wonder woman or bat girl. And there were witch costumes. But I have this problem, I don't like store bought costumes. My costume from last year is the first store bought costume I have EVER owned. Seriously.

I have always had homemade costumes. Some were more traditional like a witch or a cabbage patch kid, but I was a sack of potatoes one year, and a box of frosted flakes another. So I have this notion that I should make my costume this year. But I haven't a clue what to make.... and it is gnawing away at me.

Any ideas on a hero or villain costume that I can pull together in 10 days???


Anonymous said...

How about the wicked witch of the west?

beth said...

I'm partial to villains, so here are 2 ideas:

1) What about poison ivy, that villain from batman? That would be fun to do with all the floral stuff from Michael's! :) I found this doll photo with a google image search:

2) Ursula from the little mermaid. I have always wanted to be ursula but lack any sewing skillz, and so therefore it will never happen. But I so dig that awesome octopus look! :)