Thursday, September 27, 2007


So yesterday I got the best massage ever. My chiropractor recommended I get massage therapy to see if loosening the insane knot in my right shoulder would reduce the pain when I look over my right shoulder.

I was a little nervous going into it because I have always heard that massage therapy is nothing like the "spa massages" I've had. Supposedly theraputic does not equal relaxing especially if it a really deep tissue massage. But this was better than any one I've ever had.

The massage therapist happened to be blind which may have helped, I don't know. But she knew exactly how much pressure to use; never once did I wince in pain. (And she did use quite a bit of pressure.) And I was completely relaxed when she was done. This morning I felt fine when I woke up, no muscle pain. And since I drank water like a fish yesterday, I didn't even have a headache or feel sick from all of the toxins. Oh and I can look over my shoulder with only a little pain now.

It was amazing to say the least. And the other amazing part. It only cost me $20. Yes, $20 for a full hour. My "alternative" health insurance covers 50% for 10 visits a year to a out of network provider. (I love my job!) Even when all of my insurance is used up, it's only $40. Which is SO worth it. I get to go back Monday for another hour long massage. Ahhh...

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ellen said...

I love massages.... ahhhh.

Now, I want one but it'd cost me a LOT more!