Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Sammy Lou!!!

Sammy is our new puppy. She is a 3 month old Border Collie mix that we adopted from the Boulder Humane Society over the weekend. We were not intending on getting such a young dog, but the other dog we looked at did not get along well with Lily so we ended up with a puppy. Lily & Sammy get along great. They chase after each other in the back yard. And Sammy follows Lily around wherever she goes. The cats ignore her for the most part & she hasn't completely figured them out yet.

Lily spoiled us because she was already pretty much house broken when we adopted her (thanks to the foster family she was with until she was old enough to be adopted), but Sammy needs a little more work. When she has to go, she will just go but it won't take too long to train her to go outside.

Here's another cute picture. So far we only have 2 pictures of her since she moves fast & doesn't sit still for long.

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ellen said...

She is soooo darn cute!!! Good luck on the potty training.