Thursday, September 13, 2007

Military Neck

So I went to Ben's chiropractor on Tuesday because my shoulder has been bothering me for a few weeks. I have been talking about going ever since I started my new job. I have alternative health insurance (in addition to regular) that covers chiro work, acupunture & massage. Ben finally made me an appointment after listening to me talk about it doing if for almost 2 months.

On Tuesday, the chiro looked at my back & took some x-rays. Yesterday I went back to find out what the diagnosis was & get my first adjustment. I found out that I am competely out of whack. I have what is called "military neck". My neck is perfectly straight but should be curved like a banana. And my spine is twisted to the right at about my shoulder blades. And my right hip is twisted forward. Basically when I am laying on my stomach my right leg doesn't lay as flat as the left one. Ben could even see it.

So I am officially out of whack. But luckily it is all fixable. And it should help relax the muscles in my back so I don't feel quite so tense all the time. I had my 1st adjustment yesterday. It is a very weird sensation. It doesn't exactly hurt but is not the most comfortable thing in the world either. He pushes & twists with a good amount of pressure. My shoulder felt better as soon as he was done. And my leg laid flat too.

I used to not believe in chiropractic work because of all the bad stories you hear, but I am now a believer. After what it has done for Ben in a matter of a few months & what it did for me after 1 treatment. I look forward to seeing how I feel in a couple of months when I am all back to normal.


ellen said...

I always knew you were a little twisted! :)

beth said...


I hope your neck feels better!

I've been trying to e-mail you, but the address keeps coming back as undeliverable. Could you send me your e-mail? :)

Why? You ask? Because Wood Hall is about to go under, and I am mounting a huge alum letter that actually is getting some awesome response!

Here is more about it:

Click on there and then click on "Wood Alums: Read this" posted by moi.

Hope all is well in the neck world, and that your new puppy is fantastic!

Coni Nelson said...

Strange you should say you are now a beleiver... Me too - after a terrible car accident and 3 years on pain pills that the dr's told me I would have to take forever, I decided to see a chriropractor too.

After 3 month of going, I was fixed - I haven't been back to see him in 4 years and guess what - I STILL FEEL GREAT oh and I am not addicted to pain pills.

Glad to hear you are better...