Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloween Part 2

So I was going to post this last night but our internet was down (again). Gotta love Qwest! My goal was to post every day this month; guess I'm not off to a good start :)

Saturday night, we got dressed up & went to Milo's (a bar not too far from our house) with my sister. Milo's was having a costume contest where you could win $300 for best costume. We can always use extra money so I made a few alterations to Ben's costume in hopes he might win.

Last year, we bought him a Spartucus costume for a party we went to. He added his Broncohead to the costume & became Bronco Spartucus. But the sash was red & gold. So this year, I replaced it with an orange sash with blue sequin trim. Again he wore his Broncohead, which was complete with the olive headdress.

Well, unfortunately he did not win 1st place. Which was good because it was a $300 gift certificate to the bar. He did win 2nd place though. And won the beautiful dart board he is holding below. We are going to clean the garage this weekend so he can hang it up. In the end he won the better prize.

The evening turned out to be very fun. And we stayed out WAY past our bed time. My sister's best friend from high school, Carmien, was there. They had not seen each other in about 4 years so they spent time catching up. And Carmien's boyfriend was someone I knew in high school so it was interesting to hear about people I haven't talked to in over 10 years.

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