Friday, November 9, 2007

Trying to be healthy....

Sorry I have slacked off on posting this week. I would love to say it was because my life has been so busy & exciting, but nothing like that has happened recently.

The reason I have been slacking is I joined the Biggest Loser Club a couple of weeks ago. And I joined a 6 week boot camp on it that started last Friday. Part of it is reading & posting to the message boards. That has been taking up a significant portion of my days.

But it is definitely helping (I've lost 3 lbs in the last 2 weeks!). My goal is to be to a healthy weight some time between March & May so that we can start trying to have babies. Yes, I know, I am losing weight, only to gain it back. I know it kind of doesn't make sense. But it is what I am doing.

I am also working towards having a healthier life in general. Working for an eco-friendly company & all the crunchy granola people that work here, makes me stop & think about how natural & healthy my life is. Now I don't plan on becoming one of those nutty, crazy natural people.

The other reason I am working towards a more natural life is because Ben has issues cleaning our house. We are finding that most of the cleaners give him headaches. Even the carpet deodorizer I use will give him headaches hours after I use it. A few weeks ago, he was scrubbing the kitchen sink with Comet, had to go sit down, and sat in the sunroom where I had used the deodorizer a couple hours earlier. He had to go lay down because he was feeling so bad.

So I have been looking for natural cleaning supplies or recipes. Gaiam does sell some of the Seventh Generation cleaners so I can always buy them with my discount. I have also found this site and this site which have recipes. And then today I found a post on this blog about another company.

Of course, I have not actually started using any natural cleaners. But the only reason is I am fully stocked on my normal cleaners right now. And we can not afford for me to throw it all away & buy all new. So as I finish a cleaner up, I am going to replace it with something non-toxic.

Then maybe someday my husband will be able to help clean the house again... Oh, and we will be healthier too.

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ellen said...

You're gonna be crunchy too!!! Tee hee!!!