Monday, April 28, 2008

Childhood saying comes to life

Did your parents ever tell you something silly that wasn't really true to get you to do something or stop doing something? You know like when you were little & making a stupid face and your parents told you to be careful, your face might freeze like that? You knew your face wouldn't freeze like that, but you were still scared it might, so you stopped.

Well, my mother-in-law told one of these such sayings to her boys as they were growing up, "if you poke someone in their belly button, their insides will fall out". Most likely it was because she did not like her belly button being touched. Who knows. So my husband has a fear of having his navel touched. And I make fun of him for it. Because really, your insides won't fall out. At least, that is what I used to think until Friday.

Since his last surgery, we have been joking every time I touch his belly button that his insides are going to fall out. And on Friday, we learned that indeed, I have caused his insides to fall out again. The hernia has reoccurred for a 3rd time. So he is going to have to have surgery again to repair it again.

We met with the surgeon today to find out the course of action. Said surgeon was a real ass to both Ben & me. He informed us he will not do the surgery until Ben has lost 40-50 pounds. That it wasn't the fact that he (the dr) had been conservative in his treatment over the past 8 weeks when Ben started showing signs of a problem. No, that wasn't what lead to the large hernia that now exists, no it is solely my husband's weight that caused the problem.

He was such an ass that he decided the appointment was done while we were still in the middle of asking questions about what to do in the meantime and told us to come back in 2 months & he walked out. We have no idea of what symptoms to watch for. Just if it gets unbearable or the symptoms get worse, make an appointment or go to the emergency room.

We are getting a 2nd opinion tomorrow in hopes that we can find a doctor with a better bedside manner and who will provide us with excellent care, instead of the adequate care that we have gotten up till now.

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ellen said...

ROFL, Dan has the same fear. What trama will I leave my kids with?

I hope things change around for Ben soon. He deserves it.