Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Gift ideas needed!!!

So we found out yesterday that our nephew, Simon, needs to have surgery. He has a Chiari malformation but luckily he has a VERY observant mommy & they caught it very early.

Since they live in New Jersey, we can not do much to help out. It's tough when your family is so far away. But we want to send him a care package so that he knows we love him. The problem is, I can not come up with any good ideas.

So I need help in figuring out what to send him. He is in kindergarten & knows how to read. And as you probably guessed from the picture, he is quite energetic. I want to send things that will keep him busy until he can run around like a monkey again.

So please, if you can think of anything that I can include in the package, I would greatly appreciate the suggestions.


margaret said...

Hey puzzles might be a good thing they are somewhat intelegical(sp) and will keep him busy. Books as always are good. maybe some of thoes science kits. I will gladly help if you need it

ellen said...

he loves all things boy. transformers, bionicles, video games, you name it. i think it is wonderful that you'd like to send him a care package and i know he'll love it. i'd just like to request that you send a little something for hannah too. she is feeling like simon is getting all the attention right now.

Susan said...

I already have a list of things for her. She's easy to buy for; girlie stuff, books, etc. But I have a harder time with boys & gifts that aren't action figures.

It's the only thing I can do to help since you are so far away now. I can't take Hannah for a few days or bring you food, or visit Simon in the hospital or anything. I'm pretty much useless from here.

So I wanted to send some things to keep him busy until he is allowed to go back to school & run around. I'm guessing you are going to have your hands full with a grumpy little boy for a week or so. It's a little something I can do to help.