Monday, March 26, 2007

A good weekend

Since we got Ben back on the indomethicin we were able to have a good weekend for the first time in awhile.

He had been on indomethicin for a month with great results; no headaches as long as he took it on time, every time. But because it can cause stomach bleeding & kidney problems, the doctor wanted to try to take him off of it. Even though it was working & he had virtually no side effects.

So we introduced a new drug, propranolol. Pretty much from the time he started taking the propranolol, the headaches started coming back & he couldn't sleep because of really weird, bad dreams. It got so bad that Ben went home from work sick & saw the doctor that day. It couldn't have been the newly introduced drug, propranolol, that was causing the headache to return. No it was the one drug we have found that worked that supposedly is causing the headache to return.

But we listened to the doctor & stopped taking indomethicin. And started taking predinsone & depakote. Neither one was helping & after being in bed for 4 days with an excrusiating headache, he called the doctor's office to see if he could start taking the indomethicin until he could see the doctor again. Luckily they said yes.

And again it was a miraculous drug. Within 48 hours of taking it, his head stopped hurting. And 5 days after he was so sick he couldn't do anything we were able to have a great weekend.

And now the whole point of this post, our good weekend:
Saturday we were planning on running out to get breakfast & go to Target then come home to clean. While at Target we decided to go to Applejack since I couldn't find any wine I wanted at Target. It is the country's largest liquor store. I love it! They have a HUGE selection of wine & people who are good at recommending new wines for you. I purchased 8 bottles, which my loving husband commented should be enough to last me a week. :) Really it will last me 2 1/2 weeks since it takes me 2 days to finish a bottle and that is if I drink wine every night. And Ben got himself a six-pack of some copper ale that he thought was good (I didn't like it), an 18 pk of CL's and whiskey to add to the bar since we are constantly asked for it.

Then we went & helped my dad pick up the new chairs he purchased, went to the self-dog wash & had lunch. The self dog was turned out to be the best $10 ever; they have a tub at standing height that was tall enough that Lily could not jump out of & a hair dryer so we could dry her. The guy even clipped her nails for us for free! It was fabulous, I would definietly recommend it! So much easier than the tub at home. After that we went home and cleaned. We had a wonderful dinner of crab legs, steak, asparagus & salad. Then we went over to Lane & Tamara's to hang out for awhile.

Sunday we went to breakfast as usual, went to Home Depot for lopping shears, fixed our garage door (from when I backed into it), fixed Lily's outside pen (so she can be outside while we are at work again), trimmed the front bush so it no longer hangs over the sidewalk, finished putting together Ben's tool chest, and did the spring trimming of the front rose bushes. (I am hoping I did it all correctly & did not kill them. We will have to see; there was new growth already so I am hopeful...)

I am sure to some of you this does not sound like a fun weekend. We basically did errands & chores all weekend. But that is the point, we were able to do all of this in one weekend. Normally we would be lucky to get the house clean & run a couple of errands over the entire weekend. But because Ben is back on the indomethicin, we were able to ALL of that stuff in 2 days. AND Ben even managed to squeeze in a nap each day.

Here's hoping we can convince the doctor to keep him on the indomethicin & have many more weekends like this!


ellen said...

I am glad he is feeling better! Can he get blood tests every so often to make sure his kidneys are functioning properly?

I think that sounds like a nice weekend. I always like getting things done around the house. It's nice to accomplish things.

margaret said...

I noticed how you didn't thank the pepole who helped you fix the garage door and put together Ben's tool chest THANKS