Sunday, July 8, 2007

Happy Anniversary to me, Happy Anniversary to me...

Today was Ben's and my 1st anniversary. So what does one do on a one year anniversary? Well, I cleaned the house & Ben did an open house. We did have fun in the afternoon though. We went to the driving range & spent about an hour hitting golf balls. Then we got ready to go out to dinner.

Not very exciting I know. We plan on celebrating in August after Cade goes back to Delaware, though.

For dinner, we were originally going to go to our favorite steak restaurant, Steak House 10. But they are not open on Sundays. So we went out for Italian instead. The restaurant that we went to is called Gaetano's. It has been in Denver since the 1930's. The food was very delicious.

And for dessert we get to have wedding cake. The place we got our cake from gave us a free 1-year anniversary cake so we do not have to eat freezer burned cake.

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ellen said...

Happy Anniversary!