Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday

Today is Cade's 7th birthday. When asked to smile for the camera this morning, this was what I got. Yesterday we had a small party for him, a friend from day camp & few family members. The theme was, of course, Spiderman. He even had a black spiderman head pinata. The cake unfortunately was not very good. We ordered it from Whole Foods, because Ellen had really good cake from there a couple of weeks ago. The cake was only about 3/4" thick & had about 1/2" of frosting on it. We will not be getting a cake from there again.

Today at day camp, Cade took cupcakes to share for lunch. And while having his afternoon popcicle, the lead singer from Papa Roach joined them for their snack. Why he was there, we're not really sure. Cade said he was bringing his son to the pool. Very random.

And tonight for dinner we had Noodles. (No, I did not choose it, he did.) He even passed up going to Dave & Buster's to go to Noodles. I know, he's a little strange.

Here is his favorite present: And he also got some decals to add to his bedroom wall. So now he has glow-in-the-dark buildings with Spiderman flying across them. Now I think I need to add some webs to the wall...

I will get our website updated in the next few weeks with more pictures. (First, I have to figure out what my husband did to get his real estate page there instead of our personal page...)

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Coni Nelson said...

I want those wall things in MY room.... it would keep that suburbian hell feeling away!!!!!!!!

Yes, I live in a trilevel in a culdesac with animals and children - we are the portrait of "SUBURBIA".