Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sick Kitty :(

Last night we came home from dinner to a house that smelled like shit. Literally. I thought that I has smelled something when I came home from work, but couldn't find anything so I figured it must have been outside.

While Cade was getting ready for his bath, Ben found the reason for the smell.... Poor Bailey did not feel good & had gotten sick on the dressing room floor.

After getting the room cleaned & the litter box cleaned, I headed to the grocery store for some fresh litter, an additional litter box & some of those cat wipes. We tried to use the wipes to clean Bailey, but she HATED it & hissed and clawed until she wiggled away from us. We both have the marks to prove how much she disliked it.

Since she still was not clean, I decided she needed a bath because there was no other way to get her clean. It was the first time I had ever given a cat a bath. Having heard horror stories, I was ready for the worst. I suited up with my cleaning gloves & Ben went to find the kitty. Miraculously she did better than expected. As long as only her back paws were in the water, she didn't squirm much & I was able to get her clean. I had the faucet on the whole time & she even played with the running water a little.

And since Ben held her so she could not see me cleaning her, I was able to dry her off with ease. She felt safe & happy that she was out of the water.

Since no blood was drawn during the bathing experience, I will now be torturing my kitties with baths a couple times a year :)

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shawna said...

Hi Susan,
Sorry your kitty is sick, that is no fun! Hey, I tried to send you an email but it came back as a FAILURE!! I need to get your current address to send you an me please :).

Miss you,