Wednesday, April 11, 2007


So it looks like I will be going to Asia 3 times between now & July 15. Yes, I said 3 times. That is one trip a month for 3 months. Really I don't mind it too much other than the close proximity of each trip. But the June trip may not happen so it's not so bad.

The trips will be short, like 7-10 days max. And they are actually going to be productive. No more sending samples back to the office to be reviewed some more. For the first trip, I even have someone going with me from the office here. And the 2nd one, if I go, there will be someone going with me too. And it looks like I may only have to go into Hong Kong, which is good too. No visas, etc.

And it means I would have enough miles to get 2 free tickets. Of course, we can't use the miles for Cade's tickets because United charges outrageous fees for unaccompanied minors. It's almost cheaper to fly him on Southwest than it is to pay the fee.

Hmm, east coast or west coast for vacation? Guess it would depend on when we were able to actually go... Seattle & new baby or New Jersey & family. It's a tough decision that really is non-existent at this time. A few things have to happen first :)


Ben said...

You know you love riding on airplanes... I'll miss you while you're gone!

Coni Nelson said...

Wow - what an opportunity for you. I think it is incredible that you have such opportunities!!

Go go girl!!!!!!!

Susan said...

It is pretty cool. The plane ride sucks because I normally can't sleep. And now that the trips are more productive, I don't mind going.

And 15,000 airline miles don't hurt either :)

ellen said...

Oh, oh, east coast, east coast!!! Cause I know Ben just LOVES the east coast!

beth said...

I'm so jealous, I would love to see Hong Kong! I know it's work, but still, what a neat-o job. Yay you!

Also, I would like to suggest New Orleans as a fun and exciting vacay spot. :)