Monday, April 9, 2007


I am such a scatter brain lately and it is driving me crazy!

I mailed a package to my stepson last week & forgot to put in the picture of him with Santa & a new light up thing for his jacket. They've only been sitting around my house since, oh I don't know, Christmas. An yet I keep forgetting to put them in the packages I send out.

Today, I mailed a package to my sister-in-law which included her month belated birthday present (sorry Ellen!) but still managed to forget the picture for her husband's Christmas present. Yes, his Christmas present. I forgot the picture when I sent out their xmas presents. Was going to send it with the Christmas card. Of course forgot that. And it got stuck in a pile & forgotten about until recently when I vowed I would remember to add it to this package. But of course managed to forget about it until I was already at work today.

I've tried lists but forget to look at them. Take yesterday for example, I had a list of all the ingredients I needed for the poached pear salad I was making. We almost left the grocery store without the pears! All because I forgot to look at the list!

I just wish I could get it together & stop being so forgetful!


Coni Nelson said...

Hey Susan - It has been a while since we chatted. I can understand scatterbrained - it is usually our bodies way of saying SLOW DOWN...... As far as Ben being sick there is no other feeling so desperate as the one where the wife is supposed to "fix" all the boo boos in the family.

I feel for ya girl!! So Ron and I are still in Colorado - if you ever want a coffee break just let me know.

I have a blog or you can shoot me an email at


ellen said...

Girl, if you ever figure out how to get all the things on the to-do list done and not to forget even the things written down let me know! I can't remember my own kids names half the time. Maybe it's because I have to many of them running around! :)

Oh, a package! With a present for me! I am soooo excited! I love presents! I feel like singing, Happy birthday to me....