Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Freaky Lady

I would have posted this yesterday, but our work internet was down when I thought about it. (Seems to be a theme in my life.)

We were driving to Ben's office the night before last & saw this crazy lady. And it really disturbed me.

We were stopped at a light in the left lane, she was in the middle lane, and there was a guy in a pickup in the right lane. Lily was in the back seat with her head out the window. All of a sudden we hear this shrieking sound. No words, just shrieking. The woman was yelling & hitting her dog. Then she would look at us & shriek. Then look at the guy in the pickup & shriek. She was raging mad about something. This continued the entire time we were at the light. At which point she peeled out of the intersection as soon as the light turned green. I just sat there to let her get in front of me.

The only thing that we could think was her dog saw Lily & did something she did not like. And that she just lost it. Bu Lily never barked or anything so who knows.

What do you do in a situation like that? She pulled out of the intersection so fast you couldn't clearly make out her licence plate & I certainly wasn't going to follow her to try & get it. Do you call the police & tell them there was a crazy lady in a blue older model sedan who was hitting her dog & shrieking at us? Technically she didn't do anything to me except creep me out.

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ellen said...

That's bizare! I don't know what you do. I suppose that was animal cruelty but without the plate # there is nothing to report. Weird.