Friday, April 27, 2007

Good News/ Bad News

Good news: Ben's brain MRI looked normal.
Bad news: Ben's brain MRI looked normal.
The neurologist said everything looked normal to him. There is still a cyst on his right sinus cavity. But as we have been told before, this isn't likely the cause of the headache. Based on our other recent experiences, we are still going to find a ear, nose & throat specialist to get a 2nd opinion & confirm that one. At this point we are back to square one though...
(We go to the vascular specialist on Wed & hopefully there will be good news about Ben's wrist. And, hey, maybe they can figure the headaches out too.)

Bad news: I have to get braces
Good news: I get to fix the little imperfections I don't like about my smile
I saw a new dentist to get a cleaning. I was very impressed with him & the office. The dentist spent about 1/2 hour looking at my teeth. He explained the reason I have problems with my back teeth & constantly need fillings. The issue is that my bite is off so much it is putting too much pressure & stress on the back teeth & wearing them down too quickly. When I was a child, my orthodontist told my parents I had an overbite, but that it was only cosmetic & we didn't need to do anything to fix it. Fast forward 20 years and my overbite has now caused dental problems. So now I get to go see an orthodontist & spend thousands of dollars on braces and then spend thousands of dollars to repair the damage to the actual teeth. Sounds like fun, right!?!

Good news: I'm pretty much healthy.
Bad news: It took a trip to the ER & $75 to determine that
Saturday night I had a very sudden onset, severe pain in my abdomen. It was on the level of the pain I experienced when I had my gallbladder removed. So I decided it would be prudent to go to the ER. 4 hours & $75 later, I am released & told I probably have a mild virus. That there was nothing wrong with me... Which was reconfirmed by my doctor yesterday.

That's the good news & bad news of the past week. Hope everyone else had a better week than I did.

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