Friday, April 6, 2007

Normal Husband

Why can't I have a normal husband? This is a question I ask often since he has had a headache for 1 1/2 years that they can't diagnose. Well I got to wonder again yesterday why he can't be normal & have normal, easy to diagnose things wrong with his body.

He has a bump on his wrist that has been there for 5 or 6 years. His doctor in Delaware told him it was a ganglion cyst. Other doctors have told him the same thing. Eventually they can start to cause discomfort & they can do surgery to remove it. Well, it has been bothering him more lately & I noticed earlier this week that it looked bruised.

So we scheduled an appointment with a hand specialist to look at it. We went in yesterday. They took an x-ray of his hand. The the doctor examined the bump. He explained that it is probably a ganglion cyst but is not where they typically are. Normally they come out the joint & are on the top of your hand. His is on the outside of his wrist & it's below the joint. And they typically do not get discolored like his is.

After looking at the xray, the doctor can not tell conclusively if it is a ganglion cyst. So now we have to go get an MRI of his wrist so that they can determine if it is a ganglion cyst or not.

Luckily the surgery is pretty simple if it is a ganglion cyst. They numb you up in the office & remove it. No hospital stay or anything.

So we will know more in a couple of weeks after the MRI & another visit to the specialist. And that it is a simple easy procedure. But since my husband can't be normal, who knows how this is going to turn out....


ellen said...

Dan has one of those cysts on his elbow. It's been there for years and it looks bruised. The doctors told him they could remove it and there is a possibility it could grow back.

Susan said...

I remembered that this morning. The concern was placement of it. It's not really near a joint like Dan's is.

We'll get the MRI done & see what the doctor says. No sense in even thinking about it until then, right?