Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy News

So I would have posted on Saturday but thanks to Qwest, our internet has been down. They can see our modem, but there is no signal going to it. Hopefully it will be fixed today though. (Of course that is what we were told yesterday too!)

The happy news is that Ben got his 1st contract on one of the properties he has listed. It was only on the market for 58 days! And it is a condo which normally takes a long time to sell. The average for condos is like 150 days! He rocks :)

He was very excited & nervous since it was his first deal. He was the agent when we bought our house, so he's been through it all before. But it is different I think when it's not for yourself.

Let's hope whatever mojo he had will help us sell our condo. One of the girls we are renting to has moved to Arizona. She was the responsible one so we decided that we will not renew the lease with the other girl. We are going to list it tonight (if we have internet access) and can hopefully sell it before the lease is up May 31. If not we will have to decide whether or not to keep it listed or get new renters.

Ah, the joys of being multiple property owners.

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ellen said...

Yeah for Ben! He rocks! Now sell my house.